Well done, Jess!

This little Chicasso went on a bicycle ride

It was only yesterday it dawned on my just how brave the former GB cyclist Jess Varnish has been.  She stood up to bullying and sexism.

Anyone who’s ever tried will know how hard it is to take a formal case against bullies. Witnesses develop a touch of the Arsene Wengers: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

We may never see Jess on the professional cycling circuit. Maybe that’s her price for a greater good.

She should be proud because she’s made a real difference. We revelled in the GB medal tally of London 2012 and Rio 2016. Now we’re questioning the win at all costs is the ethos?


Choose your battles


International Women’s Day: Warrior pose

Sports people produce little gems of mantras. Choose your battles, said the Chelsea manager Antonio Conte to the England rugby coach Eddie Jones.

Wise words.

One Thursday, I found my yoga teacher in the changing room in a glow. It wasn’t a yoga glow. She gushed so much about a book she was reading that I bought it the next day.

I’ve since recommended it to many people. In fact, I was out with a friend some weeks later and she said  I’ve got this book … I finished her sentence: The Four-hour Work Week! 


In essence, one of Tim Ferris’ arguments is: choose your battles. We can’t do everything.  Too much choice can be stressful. Lack of choice has been attributed to the success of supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl. Children like to know were the boundaries are – they may push them but, in general, they like limits. Less is more.

Antonio and Tim are on to something.