Wakanda forever!


This is cheat! I’ve redrawn a sketch from March last year with a Black Panther inspired outfit. Wakanda forever!



Triggering Article 50!

Triggering Article 50: Anything Theresa can do I can do better

The postman has just arrived. I stood at the door and grabbed the items as he pushed them through the letterbox.

Mrs S called. I was going to ask her what she was doing on this day in May 1967 but last year she said I don’t know! Proof if ever there was that no matter how momentous the occasion, details may slip with time.

I’m now on, or in, the formal process by which I firmly wave goodbye to the roaring 40s.





And, relax…zzzzzzzz
Apparently, there’s no such thing as perfection in yoga. It’s a practice, they say.

Savasana is said to be the hardest posture to achieve because we, in the West, find it hard to relax.

Hmmm… I wonder if falling asleep and snoring loudly comes within the remit of yoga meditation? 

We are not afraid!

Don’t mess with the best

On Tuesday, the guard on my train was assaulted. I believe his name is Islam and he’s relatively new to the job. It saddened me that he could find himself needing hospital attention when all he was doing was his job. I spent the morning thinking about how his day had started and what an awful turn it had taken. He didn’t deserve it. I told the train company that I wished him well and a speedy return to work. I’d hate for him to be deterred from doing his job, I wrote

Yesterday, at least four people were killed. Murdered in an act of terrorism – one in the line of duty.  Each woke that morning to enjoy a new day unaware of that twist of fate to come. There have been so many great words and memories shared about them. Wonderful stories. Amazing people.

Don’t you just love the London spirit:

  • the extremists: extremely kind, extremely compassionate, extremely tolerant;
  • the stiff-upper-lippers: let’s have a brew, keep calm and carry on;
  • the defiant: we are not afraid!

Multicultural London and multicultural Londoners at their very best. What’s not to heart?


Smile and the world smiles with you…

There used to be a tradition of using postcards for advertising in pubs and bars. I found the following on a postcard many years ago. I’m not sure what it was advertising, though:

Say Cheese!

Smile really big, as if you were really, really happy.

Keep smiling for a while before you go on reading.

That’s it, relax.

Smile again, just as big. And, keep smiling, just as before … and relax.

Smile again, and keep smiling … that’s it, relax

According to scientists your smile exercise has just started a chemical reaction in your body!

At this very moment your body is sending out real smile impulses inside of you…

Soon you’ll feel happy for real!

Well done, Jess!

This little Chicasso went on a bicycle ride

It was only yesterday it dawned on my just how brave the former GB cyclist Jess Varnish has been.  She stood up to bullying and sexism.

Anyone who’s ever tried will know how hard it is to take a formal case against bullies. Witnesses develop a touch of the Arsene Wengers: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

We may never see Jess on the professional cycling circuit. Maybe that’s her price for a greater good.

She should be proud because she’s made a real difference. We revelled in the GB medal tally of London 2012 and Rio 2016. Now we’re questioning the win at all costs is the ethos?

Hope and scope

Have Chicasso will doodle

Hope and scope! Another sports-related express. I heard this expression the other day and I thought: I’ll have that!

Why say optimism when you can rhyme with hope and scope?

Any excuse to doodle.

I used doodling in Nicaragua to teach children to read and write. It  was a really creative way of engaging them. Initially, they giggled at my attempts but then they tried and realised they were no better than me. We were all in it together. I learned and they learned.

Where there’s hope there’s scope.