We are not afraid!

Don’t mess with the best

On Tuesday, the guard on my train was assaulted. I believe his name is Islam and he’s relatively new to the job. It saddened me that he could find himself needing hospital attention when all he was doing was his job. I spent the morning thinking about how his day had started and what an awful turn it had taken. He didn’t deserve it. I told the train company that I wished him well and a speedy return to work. I’d hate for him to be deterred from doing his job, I wrote

Yesterday, at least four people were killed. Murdered in an act of terrorism – one in the line of duty.  Each woke that morning to enjoy a new day unaware of that twist of fate to come. There have been so many great words and memories shared about them. Wonderful stories. Amazing people.

Don’t you just love the London spirit:

  • the extremists: extremely kind, extremely compassionate, extremely tolerant;
  • the stiff-upper-lippers: let’s have a brew, keep calm and carry on;
  • the defiant: we are not afraid!

Multicultural London and multicultural Londoners at their very best. What’s not to heart?


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