Sliding doors

There but for the grace of…

I love films like Sliding Doors. They pose that question: what if you took a different route or made a different decision on a particular day?

Alexander (I mentioned him in one of my posts a few weeks ago), caught his train with about one second to spare. Ten minutes later he was dead – one of seven victims in the Potters Bar Train crash.

There was a woman on the radio a few weeks ago who said she hadn’t eaten for several days because she had to choose between heating and eating. Her depression had made it hard for her to find work.

On another occasion, a teacher called the radio station when they were talking about food banks. His wife was a nurse. They fell on hard times when his wife became ill during her pregnancy and, at the same time, he had a mental breakdown. They had to go to the food bank.

One food bank founder said: most people are only one pay slip away from a crisis. I often wonder what the stories of the beggars outside the tube stations are.


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