The world in my heart

🎵🎶I got the whole world in my heart..🎶🎵

My heart is is like a Tardis and it’s full to bursting. I’ve reserved a little spot for so many people it’s a universe of its own.

Recently I’ve welcomed in a few friends who need a little TLC. Some of them are reluctantly sheltering under an umbrella named the United Nations of Cancer. Bowel, breast, ovarian, stomach, lesions on the brain, lesions on the liver…

I haven’t called. I’ve sent texts. I have no idea how to formulate any words that could make it better. I once saw a get-well-soon card that said I wish I could hug you so tight that all the broken pieces would fit back together. I sent texts along those lines.

Question: When there are no words what is left?

Answer: There’s a place in my heart where love, warm wishes and positive thoughts swish around.



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