Taking the Mourinho


Can you see the baton?

José Mourinho has made me roar with laughter. Manchester United lost their match against Hull, however, he says they didn’t lose. It wasn’t a goal! He insists.

We could all take that approach and I suggest Usain Bolt follows José’s lead. After all, when is a win not a win?

Back in 1988 I got up at the crack of dawn to watch Ben Johnson – the Canadian – in the final of the men’s 100m. I overslept by 10 seconds and actually watched the replay – all 9.79 seconds. By the time I got to work  ( I overslept again!) I heard the news that the record no longer stood because Ben Johnson – now Jamaican – had taken banned steroids. (The case of his change in nationality  a story in itself). However, I took the Mourinho:   he did run the race and he did win the race.

Taking the Mourinho is the way forward.  Darren Campbell the British athlete was asked to hand back his relay medal because Dwain Chambers’ failed drugs test. He refused saying: If you want it back you can come and get it! So far no one has shown up to collect them.

There you go, Usain, take the Mourinho. Meanwhile, let’s hope Nester Carter’s case goes the same way as Asafa Powell’s.


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