Moaning Minnies

Moaning Minnie: (a) a claxon, (b) artillery  (c) a moaner

Everyone is so angry these days. I don’t know if social media has made it easier to vent or, is it, as my friend Annie pointed out: you can’t convey tone very well in email? I think that goes for 140 characters or other social media platforms, too.

I heard an MP reading out some of the mail/email/tweets that she gets and they had to bleep out most of it. Some women MPs are being intimidated out of politics.

Clearly not on the scale of our MPs, the big beef seems to be what’s in our inbox or social media feed. We can ignore annoying updates. And, if they’re really offensive the report, block and delete strategy might work.

I used to be a big moaner – Olympic standard – in fact. Somebody actually told me to shut up! It did the trick, though. Now I enter a moaning zone where, for a limited period of time, I can whinge but then I have to resolve the problem,  shut up and move on. Yoga helps.

Right now I am one of those culprits who is clogging up feeds with 365 days of gratitude. But, it’s a quest for the bright side.


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