Squeeze and Breathe


(1 x Karl’s squeeze + breath) + (1 x Lucy’s acrobat tutorial) daily = a nailed handstand

There’s a tube strike on! I missed half an hour of my one-hour early morning yoga class. But all is not lost. I met the most amazing woman today. More on that later.

I’ve been practising handstands. I know I can do them. I have a memory of walking down the road with my friends and going up into a handstand and continuing walking down the road – on my hands. We all did it. It was that thing we did as children. Fast forward a few decades and for some reason it’s not so easy. However, I tweeted Eleanor Oldroyd the other day to say that nailing handstands was my New Year Sports Resolution.

I practise after every class I do. Over Christmas that’s been virtually every day. Karl, who’s a personal trainer, (not my personal trainer) always says the key is to squeeze and breathe. Yesterday, while learning how to draw an image of myself in handstand I discovered Youtube tutorials on handstands. Oooh, the web can be so wonderful. But who needs the net when you meet a former Trapeze artist trained by Russia’s very best circus performers?

This morning, I decided to offer Karl’s helpful mantra to a woman who was actually doing some brilliant handstands but I could hear her telling herself off for falling out of them. Squeeze and breathe! I shoutedIt transpires that Lucy used to work in a circus and was taught handstands by Svetlana who in turn was trained by the very best – whose names escape me –  but the surname Kiss comes to mind (!) Because I decided to make up for missing half my one-hour class I did some acrobatic homework which led me to Lucy who gave me a wonderful handstand tutorial.

Today’s recipe for success:

(1 x Karl’s squeeze + breathe) + (1 x Lucy’s tutorial) x daily = a nailed handstand





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