The good die young

A candle for Jill Saward

I was really shocked and saddened to hear that Jill Saward had died. She was a one in a million fantastic person for whom I don’t think there are enough positive adjectives in the world.

I first came across her as a young journalist while studying rape reporting and jigsaw identification. Although rape victims were supposed to be anonymous, the way her case was reported meant anyone with an ounce of sense could put together the details and identify Jill.

Jill was a journalist’s dream: she was always helpful and willing to take part in TV and radio interviews. She was the go-to real-life person who’d been affected by the issue and who was willing to appear in front of a camera. There was never a better person to put forward a passionate and articulate argument.

It sounds cliched to say she campaigned tirelessly for the rights of rape victims  – but it’s true. I remember a young Jill on TV, almost 30 years ago, graphically describing the most horrendous violation with great strength and dignity and I heard her just months ago arguing for the rights of alleged rape victims.

In death she’ll continued to help many others – her organs have been donated. A truly amazing woman.


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