On the buses

My artist’s impression of the Pootle Bus


The revolution will be multiplied. Operation Jactivist is now overground.

I missed the bus that was hurtling towards SoTo so I ran in the other direction and got the bus that pootles through scenic NoTo. I was no where near the stop but luck, or fate, was on my side – the driver stopped. I thanked him as I caught my breath. He was not going at London speed – that’s warp speed to you and me.  He was taking it tropical. It seemed like minutes before he drove off. I had to quell my impatience and the panic that I might miss my 630am yoga class. However, after a little think I decided this was to our advantage: the roads were icy and at least this way – worst case scenario I’d still get to strike my Warrior Pose.

A few stops later, a group of people got on and swiped their Oystercards but one woman was having trouble. The driver let her on and she sat down. She then got back up and tried her card again – still no luck. She told the driver she’d have to get off to go back home and get some money. There was a collective intake of breath as revolutionaries stirred and a mini army of aspiring jactivists heard their calling. I was just about to reach into my bag when her friend threw her hands into her bag and said she’d lend her some money. But the friend couldn’t find her purse. Another woman only had five pounds. I got out my purse and handed the woman with the empty Oystercard £10. She laughed: “Everyone wants to help me!” She accepted my offer and thanked me graciously.  She was still saying thank you when she got off the bus.



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